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Frequently Asked Questions

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Real Estate

Why should I buy a property through a real estate agent?

Real estate agents are professionals that help you with purchasing your property. Vita Homes Real Estate is licenced experienced company that provide you with all the information needed to buy a property in Turkey. With a wide range of properties for sale, we will help you to choose the right property for you and guide you through all steps of purchasing process.

Property in Turkey

Can I recieve residence permit if I buy a property in Turkey?

As any other foreigner, you can get residence permit for 1 year in Turkey after showing all the providing all necessary documents.

Are there any restrictions while buying a property in Turkey?

The property can´t be located in military zones or zones of historical importance, forest zones and primary agricultural lands and it must have title deed. All properties that we sell follow those points.

Who sells a property in Turkey?

There are many different ways of purchasing a property. The best option is to choose licenced real estate agent, however, there are many other people, for example jewellery or leather sellers, waiters etc., who sell the property in tourism regions of Turkey.

Foreign nationals

How is the general perception of locals toward foreigners?

To warmly welcome any guests is an inseparable part of the Turkish culture. You can be sure that you will feel just as good as in your country (if not more comfortable) any time you visit Turkey.

Can I, as foreigner, buy a property in Turkey?

As a foreigner, you have to belong to any of the nationalities that have reciprocal rights and you can buy a property in Turkey.

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